Electronic component testing

Accredited electronic component testing, confidentiality assured

Exova’s reputation has been built on delivering solutions and services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Such attributes have ensured we are recognised as a leading provider of electronic component testing to the world’s most recognised OEMs, Tier Suppliers and organisations.

Automotive electronic component testing

Our electronic component testing services are performed in strict adherence to our quality systems, which are in line with ISO/IEC 17025. Testing is often performed to SAE, USCAR and IEC specifications using the latest test equipment, compatible with both CAN and LIN technology. In addition to quality control, all electronic component testing is performed in a secure environment, ensuring your products remain confidential at all times.

Full spectrum electronic component testing

Our service in electronic component testing is wide ranging and includes standard parametric evaluations, high current and electrical surge testing, durability testing, microscopic failure analysis of circuit boards and evaluations under environmental conditions such as dust, vibration and shock.

We also offer regulated electronic component testing covering electronic switches, hybrid battery connectors and a variety of automotive and non-automotive components.

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