Understanding the science behind your materials and their performance

Through a team of global experts, Exova offers comprehensive materials testing capabilities to provide you with the guarantees you need for safety, quality, and performance.

Our materials testing capabilities include material selection, performance, characterization, and failure analysis. Covering metals, adhesives systems composites, polymers and construction materials, Exova gives you the answers you need on material properties, performance, strength, and durability.

Materials testing you can trust

Our experts support you through all material testing procedures while ensuring your commercial requirements and production timescales are met.

Learn more about our services:
  • Exova’s chemical testing and analysis help you confirm the identity and composition of chemical substances and materials used in your products.

    Chemical characterization
  • Particle testing is vital to ensure the quality and effectiveness of medicinal products. The number and size of particles have a direct impact on the performance of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

    PSD & particle counting
  • Rapid identification of unknown particulate contaminants is critical to ensure patient safety, maintain the high quality of your product and ensure regulatory compliance.

    Contaminant analysis
  • Understanding the physical characteristics of your product at the earliest stage of pharmaceutical development gives you a valuable competitive advantage and minimizes potentially costly product failures later in the development phase.

    Physical characterization
  • Physical and mechanical testing of polymers: determining the material properties of your polymer and plastic products, ensuring that they meet the demands of their specific application.

    Polymers testing
  • Identification of the polymorphic form of an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is of critical importance when dealing with API’s prone to changing crystal structure during the life cycle of the pharmaceutical product. 

    Polymorphism & crystal ID
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy analysis supports critical stages of pharmaceutical development.

    NMR spectroscopy
Expertise to meet your research needs

Exova’s analytical chemists possess the expertise to meet your materials analysis and analytical research needs. Our state-of-the-art equipment and strict adherence to industry standards ensure accurate, timely results. Exova can conduct analytical testing and material analysis in accordance with USP, EP, ASTM standards and cGMP compliance. Servicing virtually every industry sector, our group can support your project in research, design and quality control with rapid and accurate materials testing.

Meet our experts:
  • Bryan Wickson

    Bryan Wickson - Manager, Materials Sciences

    Specialism - Polymer testing and failure analysis

    Qualifications - BSc Eng.


    Bryan has extensive experience with analysis of polymeric materials and plastic components, including compositional characterisation, physical characterisation and failure analysis of plastic and elastomeric parts. During his career has been involved with the development, fabrication, and packaging of several combination medical devices for 'First in Human' clinical trials. These include medicated cardiovascular stents and dressings for patients with chronic wounds.

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