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Innovation and globalisation are creating exciting new opportunities for the prescription drug, biologics, nutraceuticals, and medical device industries. With the natural ambition to bring new products to market safely, quickly and cost effectively comes a requirement for world-class pharmaceutical testing to demonstrate compliance with ever expanding regulatory requirements.

Exova has a proud track record at the forefront of pharmaceutical testing. With over 150 pharmaceutical experts worldwide, we understand the demands of the global pharmaceutical sector, supporting your analytical development and product characterisation needs as your product moves from prototype to finished product.

We work in partnership to accelerate development and minimise your costs by providing accurate and independent assurance of safety and performance. 

Exova’s expertise in pharmaceutical testing provides solutions to your challenges.

The world’s local laboratory

Exova’s global network of laboratories offers a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical testing services. Our core pharmaceutical testing services include analytical development and validation; batch release; raw material and API analysis and characterisation; organic and elemental impurity determination; plastics and polymer testing; biological sample testing; analytical testing in the support of pharmacokinetic, pre-clinical, and clinical trials; and stability storage and testing. We recognise that no two challenges are the same, tailor solutions to meet your individual needs, and will ensure that you are part of the process at every stage of the pharmaceutical testing process.

We are leaders in our field – we can help you to be leaders in yours.


Validating ICP-MS for the Analysis of Elemental Impurities According to Draft USP General Chapters <232> & <233>.  Get your FREE download of this exciting article!

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