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Welding services worldwide

Exova is a recognised leading provider of welding services across the world. We have a number of PCN and CSWIP-qualified weld inspectors who offer a comprehensive service in this critical technical area.

We provide welding services to recognised international codes and standards. Whether your requirement is in weld or welder certification, weld testing, inspection or forensic failure analysis, our welding services can support you at every stage of the asset life cycle.

Aberdeen Welding Certification

Welding services range

Preliminary or proposed Weld Procedure Specification (pWPS)

In preparing new weld procedures to satisfy project requirements, our welding services offer expertise in reviewing client specifications against fabrication requirements, preparing pWPS and propose an interpretation of the testing and acceptance criteria. Following the customer review and comments, adjustments can be incorporated into the final version, and instructions issued for the welder and inspector once these have been agreed by all relevant parties.

Weld inspection and monitoring

Following the authorisation of the pWPS and the sourcing of the material and consumables, Exova's welding services can provide CSWIP inspectors (qualified to 3.1 or 3.2) to confirm the joint configuration, set-up, temperatures and record all essential welding data of the new welding procedure. The use of calibrated thermometers and data logging machines are standard to ourwelding services.

Third-party witnessing

Exova has forged strong working relationships with local Notified Bodies specialising in the oil, gas and marine industries, who recognise our strengths as a test laboratory with welding services and certification capabilities. If required, Exova can organise witnessing on behalf of our customers.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

NDT testing, including magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, radiography and ultrasonic testing can all be offered within Exova's welding services portfolio.

Mechanical testing

All of Exova’s oil and gas laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited for a comprehensive suite of mechanical and metallurgical testing and examination of weld and HAZ microstructures. Specialist welding services facilities offer CTOD, pipe reeling, corrosion and coatings testing, hardness testing, bend testing, tensile testing and impact testing to support the welding certification process. 

Welding certification packages

To complete our welding services customer offering, Exova can also write and issue full certification packages and welder qualification certificates, in accordance with agreed standards/specifications on a global basis.

Each procedure consists of:

  • Qualified generic weld procedure specification sheet (WPS)
  • Range of approval sheet, allowing visibility of procedural restrictions based on essential variables
  • Record of weld test sheet, showing all the key features used to qualify the procedure
  • Monitoring data, each and every run, as recorded by the weld inspector
  • Parent material certificates
  • Filler material certificates
  • Non-destructive testing reports
  • Destructive Testing reports
  • Post weld heat treatment graph/ report (if applicable)
  • Notified body endorsement as required

Each welder qualification consists of:

  • Welder qualification test certificate
  • Prolongation continuation sheet
  • Laboratory test reports
  • Notified body endorsement as required

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