Marine coatings

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Corrosion protection

When a metallic structure is exposed to the environment, corrosion and deterioration leading to failure can be caused by a combination of processes which are both physicochemical and biological. Our combined marine coatings experts are committed to delivering quality solutions to help solve your problems.

Marine Coatings

Marine coatings key services include:

Corrosion failure analysis

It is essential to distinguish between the type of corrosion and the actual damage when analysing any failure or taking preventive actions. We offer answers to all key questions relating to causes of corrosion and actions required for prevention, maintenance and repair.

Exposure and weathering

We offer unrivalled diversity of exposure and weathering capabilities all at one location, including C5M atmospheric exposure, offshore and immersion exposure, and in-house natural sea water facilities (barnacle attachment assays, tidal and temperature variation).

Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC)

We provide expert knowledge on causes of MIC and advice on the use of biocides and other control measures for microbiologically influenced corrosion. Our testing facilities offer the opportunity to perform corrosion and degradation studies under high pressure and in cold conditions (such as deep sea and arctic environments).

Electrochemical measurements

Our experts use specialist equipment to detect corrosion processes in the early stages, before protective coatings show any visual damage or danger to infrastructure becomes evident, and can help you evaluate durability of materials and protective barriers, such as coatings or passivation layers.

Biofouling / antifouling

Biofouling is a common problem in all marine environments and our experts specialise in finding optimal solutions for specific fouling questions or issues you may have. We offer:

  • Biological assay testing (i.e. barnacles, marine diatoms, seaweed);
  • Raft and rotor equipment to age antifouling coatings in natural seawater and assessment of their self-polishing properties;
  • Friction disk machines to measure drag properties of coatings and surfaces with and without fouling;
  • Performance testing of fouling control methods other than coatings in custom build test set ups
  • Atmospheric fouling cabinets to test your material for its susceptibility to sub-aerial fouling, available throughout the year.

Download our marine coatings brochure for more information on our services and capabilities.

Other marine coatings testing services:

  • Extreme environment simulation (arctic and high pressure corrosion)
  • Inspection and training
  • Protective coatings
  • Pipeline coatings testing
  • Maintenance programs and requirements
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
  • Linear polarisation resistance (LPR)
  • Electrochemical noise measurements (ENM)

Exova in partnership with Endures

EndureThrough a strategic partnership with Endures, the antifouling and corrosion research group located on the North West tip of the Netherlands with natural seawater and laboratory testing facilities in Den Helder, Exova offers a comprehensive protection package assessing your assets from a holistic point of view.

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