Failure analysis

Failure analysis that safeguards the future

In an industry where key asset failure can have consequences that reach far beyond a loss in production, Exova’s failure analysis experts can help you to better understand the causes of asset failure, advise on remedial action and support you in any potential litigation. We support the oil and gas industry with on-site investigation capabilities in some of the most challenging environments.

Oil and gas failure analysis

Failure analysis that gives you the answers you need

Our failure analysis is conducted by teams of qualified metallurgists, chemists, materials and polymer scientists who are among the most experienced and recognised in their field. Working with oil and gas customers around the world, they provide expert failures analysis and failures reporting through a range of technical services including pipeline failure assessment, stress analysis, trace evidence analysis and forensic engineering.

Failure analysis that ensures your future success

Failure analysis not only helps us learn from the past, it helps us shape the future. As your key asset life partner, Exova can help improve performance, protect reputation and build a safer future in oil and gas with world-leading failure analysis to meet your needs.

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