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Failure analysis - learning for the future

Exova’s failure analysis and consultancy services will improve your understanding of the causes of asset failure, advise on remedial action and provide support in cases of litigations. We are allied to customers in the oil and gas, utilities, petrochemical and power industries, bringing laboratory and on-site investigation to some of the most challenging climatic environments.

When modern industry is increasingly in the spotlight, key asset failure can have far reaching consequences, which impact reputations and the bottom line. Exova's expertise in failure analysis brings assurance and resolution in a variety of industry fields.

Industrials Failure Analysis

Failure analysis that gives you the answers you need  

Our failure analysis is undertaken by teams of qualified metallurgists, chemists, materials and polymer scientists who are internationally recognised as some of the most experienced in their field. Working with a portfolio of worldwide customers, Exova provides expert failure analysis, from pipeline failure assessment to stress analysis; trace evidence analysis to material characterisation; and finally forensic engineering.

Failure analysis not only helps us learn from the past, it helps us shape the future. As your key asset life partner, Exova can help improve performance, protect reputations, and promote integrity as, together, we build a safer tomorrow.

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