Water testing

Global coverage for all your water testing needs

We understand that accessibility and quick response times are two critical factors in the water hygiene sector. We aim to meet that challenge with our network of drop off points, our dedicated laboratories and our comprehensive range of microbiological and chemical water testing services.

Water Testing

We conduct water testing at internationally recognised standards throughout the Americas and the Middle East. Our laboratories in the Middle East are recognised by UKAS and by local accreditation bodies for water testing standards of excellence.

Water testing of all types, where and when you need it

We examine water that circulates through buildings such as cooling towers, air conditioning systems and hot and cold water testing services.

We pro-actively inform the customer of progress during the water testing process and cover many various types of commercial water testing, including Potable, contaminated, heat exchange, domestic showers, swimming pools, jacuzzis and spas.

Our water testing services also extend to:

  • Pseudomonas
  • Chemical
  • Total Viable Count
  • Coliforms & E coli
  • Enterococci

Please refer to the current schedule/scope of accreditation for the current list of accredited tests/matrices, for the specific location. The scope/schedule is available from the relevant laboratory, or may be downloaded from the relevant Accreditation Body website.

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