Production equipment inspection and testing

The need for regular production equipment inspection and testing in the food, dairy and brewing industries has never been greater. Increases in health scares, public interest and the insistence of large retailers on due diligence means that companies can no longer afford to neglect their responsibilities until a problem occurs.

Exova has a wealth of experience in the regular production equipment testing of heat exchangers, silos, tanks, dryers, and similar equipment, with a broad portfolio that covers a range of testing requirements, including holding time tests.

A testing programme to suit your needs

We work closely with our customers to devise production equipment testing programmes that cater specifically for your operational needs and ensure that contamination and equipment failure is comprehensively avoided.

We also offer hydrostatic pressure testing and instrument calibration in line with the highest standards, and provide on-site and laboratory services that utilise the latest production equipment testing and inspection techniques.

We operate fully stand-alone equipment and carry out work with a minimum of disruption and minimal downtime to guarantee the consistent and reliable operation of your production facility.

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Food testing facilities

No. 5, 2712-37 Avenue N.E.,
Calgary, AB T1Y 5L3

Contact: Mike Yohemas - Operations Manager
Tel: +1 403 291 2022


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12003 N.E. Ainsworth Circle, Suite 105,
Portland, OR 97220

Contact: Nidal Kahl - General Manager
Tel: +1 503-253-9136

Fax: +1 503-253-9019


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Plot 25, Umm Al Naar (Sas Al Nakhl), P.O. Box: 9191,
Abu Dhabi

Contact: Neil Hold - Operations Manager
Tel: +971 (0)2 558 2345

Fax: +971 (0)2 558 4515


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Unit 29, Blake Mill Business Park, Brue Avenue,
Bridgwater, UK TA6 5LT

Contact: Tom Werner - General Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1278 431143


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