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Our experts push the boundaries of technology with the aim of providing simple solutions to complex problems. From the customer's point of view, this means ensuring that there is minimal disruption to production. Our Accusense system delivers on all these counts, and more.

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With Accusense, Exova has developed and patented a unique and innovative system for checking plate and tubular heat exchangers, which has become the foremost testing system of its kind in the UK. For our global customers, a process is already underway for licensing the Accusense system to service providers around the world.

A system that makes perfect Accusense

The Accusense system offers a game-changing methodology that uses inert helium gas as a tracer for identifying potential leaks in the primary circuits of the heat exchanger apparatus. It requires only minutes to complete the testing process on any given section of the heat exchanger in question.

Remarkably, the Accusense system has a capacity to find holes as low as five microns in size, which means that no stripping down or opening up of the heat exchanger is required to facilitate the testing procedure.

Accusense presents a sharp contrast to conventional methods of non-destructive testing that depend on cruder approaches, such as dye penetrants. And it comes with the crucial advantage of reducing the disruption of production to the shortest possible period of time.

In short, the Accusense system is the most sensitive and efficient in-situ testing method available in the marketplace today.

Save time, save costs

Accusense takes an average of 5 minutes per section in testing standard plate heat exchangers, making it an extremely cost effective solution for inspection requirements across a number of industries.

Safety first

Helium gas has the second smallest size of atom and is also highly detectable and non-toxic. It is easily and safely dispersed, leaves no residue, and refrains from stressing the plate pack with potentially damaging high pressures. It is the perfect element for non-destructive testing approaches and delivers full assurances of safety in conjunction with high-grade performance and excellent functionality.

A preventative solution

This unique non-destructive testing method allows for the discovery of faults before they become critical and overly problematic. It therefore provides conditions for planned preventative maintenance that other methods fail to offer.

How is Accusense deployed?

1) We can do it for you.

2) We can train you to do it for yourself.

If you would like us to undertake a testing programme or implement an annual testing service on your behalf, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Or, if you prefer, we can provide the system under license and train you how to undertake the testing programme by yourself.

Training is provided by our own in-house team of dedicated, highly qualified professionals.

We generally carry out our training at the licensee’s premises or at customer locations of your choice. Training consists of hands-on testing in typical test scenarios, as well as question and answer sessions tailored towards your specific needs. Time required can vary from between 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the previous experience of trainees.

Contact us to discuss your training requirements or send an enquiry.

Download the Accusense System brochure and learn how it works.

The benefits of the Accusense system - a summary:

  • Non-destructive
  • Safe in operation
  • No residual contamination
  • Minimum disruption to production
  • On-site testing with prompt conclusions
  • Pinhole detection
  • Exact plate location
  • Can be deployed on all types of heat exchangers - plate, tubular and scrape surface heat exchangers
  • Takes typically under one hour for a 3/4 section pasteurizer
  • Operates also if there is water remaining in the heat exchanger
  • Confirmed as the superior method, both on sensitivity and speed of test, through independent trials alongside competitors' methods (including the saline system)
  • All equipment component parts are supported worldwide, with local offices or agents to ensure the fastest possible supply of spares or repairs when and where necessary
  • Changes to the operating procedure or technical equipment updates which are considered relevant are immediately passed on to all licensees by email
  • Continual review and development of operating criteria to remain at the forefront of the testing field


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