Marine fire testing

Providing certainty for your products

All ships sailing in international waters must meet the requirements of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the International Convention for the Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS).

Exova Warringtonfire is the recognised world-leader in marine fire testing, providing testing in accordance with IMO and SOLAS standards which underpin European Union Wheelmarking and United States Coast Guard approvals.

Marine fire testing

Exova Warringtonfire is your one-stop-shop for marine fire testing. Our full spectrum of services includes testing and assessment, certification and advisory services and test method development.

To achieve the fire objectives in order to be suitable for use on-board ships, a number of fire tests and certification requirements must be complied with.


Exova Warrington Certification Limited (EWCL) provides the necessary Certification to prove compliance for fire protection products used on board vessels registered in Europe, Australia, USA and Canada. Regardless of whether the requirement is Wheelmark Approval, United States Coast Guard Approval or Canada Transport Approval, EWCL can help you bring your product to market. No testing should be undertaken before fully understanding the certification requirements for your product.

Marine fire testing Methods

Exova Warringtonfire’s testing service offering comprises fire tests and assessments to a large number of recognisable national and international standards. All Exova Warringtonfire laboratories are accredited/recognised by the relevant national bodies and many of our staff are recognised as international experts within their field and are actively involved in the development of new test procedures.

Dependent upon the end use of a product, a number of the marine fire tests may be required:

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 1 - Non combustibility

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 2 - Smoke and toxicity

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 3 - "A", "B" and "F" class divisions

  • Appendix 1: Thermal radiation test supplement to fire resistance tests for windows in "A", "B" and "F" class divisions.
  • Appendix 2: Continuous "B" class divisions.

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 4 - Fire door control systems

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 5 - Surface flammability

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 7 - Vertically supported textile flammability

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 8 - Upholstered furniture

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 9 - Bedding component flammability

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 10, Appendix 1 – Full-scale room test for surface materials on bulkheads, wall and ceiling linings, including their supporting structure, of high-speed craft

- IMO MSC 307(88) Annex 1, Part 11 – Fire-resisting divisions of high-speed craft

- ISO 1716 - Bomb calorimeter test

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