Waste management

Waste management to meet required protocols

With the increasing number of regulatory controls designed to protect the environment, Exova works closely with customers to mitigate the impact of industrial waste. We offer full waste management and waste testing services from the identification of unknown materials to waste classification, and advice on the most appropriate treatment and disposal methods.

We specialise in the testing of organic and inorganic chemistries, providing analytical testing services which include drilling waste, reclamation, coal bed methane, upstream and downstream oil and gas, and spill response.

Environmental Waste Management

Navigating the regulatory landscape

Establishing and understanding your regulatory responsibilities can be an overwhelming challenge, so we bring peace of mind by providing access to our team of experts, who possess extensive knowledge of regulations in all aspects of waste management. By ensuring compliance with both national and local regulations, our customers know they are working within the law. We provide accurate on time data that can be used to define which waste disposal option is used in your jurisdiction.

Exova Experts

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