Non-destructive testing

Non-destructive testing to support defence technology

We provide a range of material testing and advisory services to producers of military assets and munitions. Despite the complexity of defence technology, performance is often founded on non-destructive testing (NDT). Exova can help you to establish your non-destructive testing requirements giving you the confidence needed to move to the next phase of your project.

Non-destructive testing will help you detect defects as geometrical faults, e.g. material thickness, welding defects, bondline defects, delamination, wrinkles, porosity, dry areas, foreign objects, cracks or corrosion.

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Confidence through accredited testing and certified inspection

We hold Level  III certificates in all techniques in accordance with EN4179/NAS 410, and all our non-destructive testing inspectors are Level II certified.

Our non-destructive testing capabilities include the implementation of inspection procedures and instructions, non-destructive testing modelling and conventional techniques, procurement and customisation of equipment in production, Level III support, operator training, and on-site inspections. We also provide expertise or equipment to directly support your own operations.

We deploy a number of testing methods including non-destructive testing simulation, radiography testing, ultrasonic testing, penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, visual testing, acoustic emissions, leak testing, and shearography.

Non-destructive testing simulation

Using non-destructive testing simulation during early R&D can help you to ensure inspectability of complex geometrical structures during production and for future maintenance. We offer non-destructive testing simulation in UT.

Our non-destructive testing inspection services include expertise in a wide range of techniques:

  • UT - Ultrasonic testing, resonance testing, phased array, immersion testing
  • RT - Radiography, X-ray testing
  • ET - Eddy current testing
  • MT - Magnetic particle testing
  • PT - Penetrant testing
  • VT - Visual testing
  • LT - Leak detection testing
  • AE - Acoustic emission
  • Shearography
  • Thermorgaphy

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