Technical services

Metrological support

As our customer you have access to all our expertise and experience, including metrological and technical support, support within quality standards, technical evaluations, measurement uncertainty calculations, requirement specifications and measuring instructions.

Through our integrated partnership we will help you to identify and implement the right quality level throughout the organisation. We are experts at interpreting quality requirements and standards from many industry sectors. This also includes opportunities to increase instrument utilisation, and facilitates implementation of technology changes or adaptation to new environmental requirements.

Calibration electrical

Measurement assignments

Our measuring services provide high accuracy measurement data by contact or non-contact scanning reference samples or for routine production control, also for complex components.

Requirement analysis and procurement advice

We can help you to optimise your routines and need for equipment. An evaluation of today's solutions and requirements together with you as our customer will result in proposals for cost saving streamlining and simplified administrative routines.

Independent of any manufacturer, we offer procurement support with recommendations based on our long experience of different brands, technologies, life time costs and customer needs. Our service includes new and used equipment as well as rental or leasing of equipment.

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Calibration and metrology

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