Aerospace non-destructive testing (NDT)

Critical assurances for cutting edge technologies

The integrity of aerospace components is critical to both safety and performance. Imperfections, while often difficult to detect, can result in failures that have consequences far beyond the commercial cost. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a highly effective way to detect even the smallest damage or imperfection in aerospace components before or during their operational life.

Non-destructive testing will help you detect defects as geometrical faults, e.g. material thickness, welding defects, bondline defects, delamination, wrinkles, porosity, dry areas, foreign objects, cracks or corrosion.

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Expertise to support your ambitions

Exova offers qualified expertise in non-destructive testing. Holding approvals up to ASNT Level III we test both metals and composites, from raw materials to fully finished components. Utilising a full spectrum of test methods, we can provide you with assurances on component integrity, protecting both your assets and reputation.

Our range of non-destructive testing includes x-ray flourescence, visual, ultrasonic, radiography, magnetic particle inspection, boroscope and resonance. We also offer the highly specialised service of micro-focus radiography, particularly effective in the examination of smaller components.  

To help you manage costs during your R&D phase, we can also provide non-destructive testing simulation. This ‘virtual inspection’ is a more cost and time effective way to qualify non-destructive testing procedures, using artificial reference defects instead of costly prototypes and equipment. It can also give you better understanding of physical characteristics and improves inspection capability during the design of aerospace components.

Non-destructive testing simulation

Using non-destructive testing simulation during early R&D can help you to ensure inspectability of complex geometrical structures during production and for future maintenance. We offer NDT simulation in UT.

Our non-destructive testing inspection services include expertise in a wide range of techniques:

  • UT - Ultrasonic testing, Resonance testing, Phased Array, Immersion testing
  • RT - Radiography, X-ray flourescence testing
  • ET - Eddy current testing
  • MT - Magnetic particle testing
  • PT - Penetrant testing
  • VT - Visual testing
  • LT - Leak detection testing
  • AE - Acoustic emission
  • Shearography
  • Thermography

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