Aerospace materials testing

Advancing materials performance and application

As the aerospace industry continues to push the envelope of material performance and application, Exova remains at the forefront of materials testing. We have established a reputation not only for quality, but for fast and reliable service that helps optimise design and manufacturing processes,  improves cycle times and reduces cost. Our Nadcap accredited and OEM approved laboratories provide a full spectrum of mechanical testing, from routine to more complex projects requiring advanced measurement, testing and inspection technology.

Aerospace Materials Testing

Shaping future capabilities

Through a network of global aerospace testing laboratories, our expert teams can provide materials testing for both aerospace metals and composites, including fatigue and fracture mechanics, tension and compression, impact and hardness testing, microhardness testing, stress rupture testing and creep testing. Our dedicated machine shops also guarantee rapid and cost-effective turnaround to meet your timescales.

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