Aerospace coatings

Coatings with the power to protect

Coatings provide critical asset protection in some of the harshest aerospace operating environments. With advanced aerospace coatings materials being introduced at an ever greater pace, the need to understand their performance qualities is essential.

Exova is a recognised leader in aerospace coatings testing, inspection and advisory services. Our worldwide experts conduct a comprehensive range of environmental simulations to provide accurate and reliable data on the ability of coatings to protect against corrosion, ultraviolet light, water penetration, heat, abrasion and chemicals.

Aerospace Coatings

Aerospace coatings expertise when you need it most

Exova provides aerospace coatings testing across a range of technical disciplines including Cathodic Disbondment and ageing. Our technical capabilities ensure customer support at all stages of the coatings life cycle from product pre-qualification testing and application through to on-site inspection of the current condition of materials and protection systems. Exova has the skills to help protect your critical aerospace assets.

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