Scheme and other documents

Cancellation Exova Group PLC

Scheme of Arrangement becomes effective

Court Approval of Scheme

Announcement of Results of Court Meeting and General Meeting

Scheme Document

Form of Proxy - General Meeting

Form of Proxy - Court Proxy

Articles of Association of Exova Group plc

Annual Report & Accounts 2016

Annual Report & Accounts 2015

CD&R Relationship Agreement

Service Agreement - Ian El-Mokadem

Service Agreement - Philip Marshall

Letter of Appointment - Allister Langlands

Letter of Appointment - William Spencer

Letter of Appointment - Helmut Eschwey

Letter of Appointment - Fred Kindle

Letter of Appointment - Vanda Murray

Letter of Appointment - Christian Rochat

Letter of Appointment - Andrew Simon

Exova Share Scheme - Rules of Long Term Incentive Plan

Exova Share Scheme - Rules of Share Option Plan

Rule 15 Letter (SOP)

Rule 15 letter (LTIP)

Rule 15 Letter (US LTIP)

Senior Facilities Agreement for Exova

Articles of Association of Greenrock Bidco Limited


Transaction documents

Confidentiality Agreement

Cooperation Agreement


Financing documents

Subscription Agreement

First Lien Credit Agreement

Second Lien Credit Agreement

Collateral Information Certificate

Composite Intercompany Loan Agreement

Engagement Letter

English Law Debenture

English Law Security Over Shares Agreement

Follow-on Funding Loan Note Agreement


Intercreditor Agreement

Pledge and Security Agreement

Engagement Letter (amended and restated 4 May 2017)

Fee Letter (amended and restated 4 May 2017)


Consent letters

Goldman Sachs International letter in relation to the 2.7 Announcement

Investec Bank plc letter in relation to the 2.7 Announcement

Investec Consent Letter (R15 letters)

Investec Scheme Consent Letter

Goldman Sachs Rule 15 Letter consent letter

Goldman Sachs Scheme Consent Letter

BAML Consent Letter (2.7 Announcement)

HSBC Consent Letter (2.7 Announcement)

BAML Consent Letter (Scheme Document)

HSBC Consent Letter (Scheme Document)


Irrevocable undertakings  

Shareholder irrevocable undertaking – TABASCO B.V.

Shareholder irrevocable undertaking – Anne Thorburn

Director irrevocable undertaking – Ian El-Mokadem

Director irrevocable undertaking – Philip Marshall

Director irrevocable undertaking – Allister Langlands

Director irrevocable undertaking – William Spencer

Director irrevocable undertaking – Helmut Eschwey

Director irrevocable undertaking – Vanda Murray

Director irrevocable undertaking – Andrew Simon



Rule 2.11 Letter to Shareholders and persons with information rights re Rule 2.7 Announcement



19 Apr 2017 - Rule 2.7 Announcement

27 Mar 2017 - Rule 2.9 Announcement

27 Mar 2017 - Possible Offer for Exova Group plc


Element Announcements

12 May 2017 - Recommended Acquisition of Exova Regulatory Update