The Frankfurt laboratory of Exova Warringtonfire, the specialist fire and security testing and certification provider, has extended its services and is now able to offer tests according to the norm 33 CFR. With this new test, Exova Warringtonfire Frankfurt is able to further expand on its fuel tank testing abilities in response to customer demand in the maritime sector.

To test the fire resistance of a fuel tank, a fire bath which is set on a railway line set up is used. The fire is aimed directly underneath the tank which is fitted within a chassis to resemble an operational application.  The test includes timed fire exposure within a number of conditions, including damaged and vulnerable structures, and offers a highly effective measurement of resistance.

Holger Bräuer, general manager at Exova Warringtonfire Frankfurt commented: “We constantly work on the development and creation of new tests; with this one we are able to offer an innovation to customers in the marine sector.  We are pleased to announce that Bavaria Yachtbau, the highly reputed German Yacht manufacturer, has already carried out testing in Frankfurt.”

Exova Warringtonfire Frankfurt in line with Exova’s sister companies worldwide is constantly working on the development and extension of its testing portfolio. This new capability further extends the facilities capabilities in fuel tank fire resistance testing for the automotive and marine sectors.

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