Exova Group Limited, which was recently acquired by Element Materials Technology (Element), has invested in new scrubbing equipment for fire testing at its Frankfurt, Germany laboratory.

The large, outdoor scrubbing unit acts as a smoke abatement system, removing as many particles from the smoke as possible before it is released into the air. This upgraded equipment, worth approximately £700,000, allows the laboratory to stay one step ahead on compliance with the strictest environmental emission and noise regulations for fire testing in the automotive, rail, marine, construction, furniture, and aerospace sectors.

Rob Veitch, EVP of Fire & Building Products at Element, said: “Frankfurt is a well-established laboratory for reaction to fire testing, and is accredited by DAkkS (the national accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) for tank testing, EN 45545 testing, and a multitude of other tests based on German, European and international standards.

“This proactive investment in a new piece of scrubbing equipment guarantees we remain up to date on all fire testing regulations and in compliance with environment regulations, as well as ensuring the fastest turnaround time and quality standards for our customers.”

Element is a recognized leader in the evaluation of material and system behavior to national and international fire safety standards. It offers extensive knowledge and experience in reaction to fire testing and physical behavior, system performance, and compliance with all regulations and codes. Element offers reaction to fire testing across all sectors of industry, including construction, rail, marine, automotive, defense and aerospace.