Exova Warringtonfire Frankfurt has been given approval by aircraft manufacturer Airbus as an independent testing facility for materials and components to the aviation sector in Germany.  The approval comes following a rigorous technical and quality audit of the growing range of Exova’s suite of services.

Reaction to fire testing
This latest approval means that Exova Warringtonfire Frankfurt - which is accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 - is able to provide Airbus and its global supply chain with a range of tests to determine the reaction to fire (ABD0031) of aviation materials and specialist components.  

Exova Warringtonfire Frankfurt is now Airbus approved and acknowledged for every test it undertakes.

Holger Bräuer, General Manager at Exova Warringtonfire Frankfurt commented: “As we extend our accredited testing capabilities, not only do we work alongside Airbus to achieve its goals as a global aviation leader, but its supply chain also benefits from greater choice.  So, this is a great achievement for us as well as good news for the aviation sector.

“I am confident this will be seen as a welcome addition to our existing list of accreditations and acknowledgements as we can provide a reliable option for the growing number of customers across Europe that require their test institute to be on Airbus’ list of certified suppliers”.  
Exova Warringtonfire Frankfurt is currently undergoing a programme of extending and broadening its test service offerings alongside its international sister companies worldwide.  

Exova Warringtonfire tests reaction to fire, as well as fire resistance for a wide range of materials and applications in the construction and transport sectors.

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