The world’s largest dedicated testing group Exova has enhanced its unique service offering in water treatment testing with an investment in equipment, sample drop-off points and its dedicated courier service.

The company offers four nationwide laboratories, 14 additional secure drop-off points and a secure courier service – with the result that no other external party is involved in the procedure.

Simon Turner, director for Exova Food and Consumer Products Europe, said: “Dropping off samples takes less time, customers’ samples travel less distance and therefore the time to testing is quicker and results are faster.

“The dedicated Exova courier service means complete security and integrity of the test, with no third party contact at any stage, and with the availability of monitoring results online.

“Each of our drop-off locations is fully equipped, temperature-regulated and provides everything required for our customers. Our own transport also provides temperature control and tracking as standard to ensure we can offer efficient, secure services.”

Investment has included an improved courier service for the Camberley laboratory, a new drop-off at Edmonton for London customers, further equipment at Hillington in Scotland and further drop-offs at Belshill and Glerothes for Scottish customers.

There has also been further investment by Exova in its water testing capability at Birmingham and Grimsby laboratories to support the expansion in its water testing service across the UK.

Exova provides a comprehensive range of accredited microbiological water quality testing services to determine any contamination in drinking water.

It offers industry best practice on water quality testing including the provision of free sterilized sample containers and water sample collection via a specialist courier team. In the UK, all of this is managed and monitored electronically through the online Exova Advantage system.

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