In response to customer demand, global testing company Exova has invested in four new durability testing rigs to increase doorset testing capabilities at its Willenhall, UK laboratory.

Following testing for security and water-tightness, durability testing is the final step in the critical testing process for security doors to meet the requirements of government initiative Secured by Design, and the most time consuming. The test itself simulates over 20 years of a residential front door’s life, with the door typically opened and closed 50,000 times over a two week period, tying up test equipment.  The new rigs more than double existing capacity and significantly reduce test programme lead times.

Ian Keeling, Business Unit Head of Exova in Willenhall said: “This investment allows us to work to shorter timescales in completing the suite of operational, security and weather tests through increasing workflow capacity.”

As a result of the investment, the Willenhall facility now offers four durability rigs for single doorsets, three for double doorsets, three for windows, plus one additional rig for large scale samples over four metres wide including bi-folding and sliding patio doorsets.

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