Global testing company Exova has added new capabilities at its Glendale Heights, Illinois, USA laboratory to offer testing of thin sheet alloys primarily for aerospace applications.

The investment has been driven by increasing customer demand for the provision of Elevated Temperature Tensile (ETT) and Stress Rupture (S/R) testing.  It includes dedicated test frames and specialist furnaces capable of reaching temperatures up to 1750F to meet the complex parameters these tests demand.

Traditionally, tests are performed using round specimens from forgings but now this new capability will extend the test programmes to manufacturers of sheet products. Materials from these manufacturers are primarily applied to the aerospace industry, and include turbine engine parts such as honeycomb, combustor vanes, and inserts, as well as airframe exhaust components and a number of stampings. These materials can also be applied to commercial aviation, defence, and space exploration.

Michael Fec, general manager Exova Glendale Heights, said: “This investment enhances our existing capabilities for chemical, mechanical and metallurgical testing of metals.  Our customers face unique regulatory mandates in this sector, and this extension of our technical offering means we can provide them with the expertise they need to meet these demands.”

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