NadcapThe Lancaster lab of global testing group Exova has been recognized for the quality of its work after its Nadcap merit status was approved for the fourth time.

As part of the process, Lancaster also achieved Nadcap approval for K-R Curve fracture mechanics testing – one of only two labs globally to hold this approval.

Nadcap is the international accreditation body for the aerospace industry, and many of the prime manufacturers require its suppliers to have their processes audited and approved by the organisation.

Exova’s Lancaster lab, which is recognised in the industry as one of the world’s foremost fatigue and fracture mechanics testing facilities, is part of a network of specialist laboratories working within the aerospace sector.

Staff at Lancaster carry out a range of tests, including strain and load controlled fatigue testing at low and high frequencies, crack propagation testing, threshold testing and fracture toughness, for clients including global names in the engine and airframe markets.

Nadcap recently renewed the lab’s accreditation, covering all testing carried out on site for the aerospace sector, at the same time renewing its merit status for the fourth time – covering a period of five years.

The merit programme is designed to reward superior performance in Nadcap audits, and means that holders will have the frequency of the Nadcap inspections reduced from every 12 months to every 18 or 24 months, generating significant time, cost and resource saving.

Dave Boscoe, general manager of Exova Lancaster, said: “Merit status is a sign that the Exova Lancaster laboratory and its staff are performing to the highest of standards, and to see it renewed for the fourth time in a row is a great achievement.

“This is an endorsement that customers throughout the aerospace supply chain can be reassured that we are offering the very highest quality testing available.”

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