Tommaso Lombardo

Tommaso Lombardo


Concrete, aggregate and cement testing


Degree Geological Sciences, University of Padua


Over 10 years

Tommaso is currently employed as Lab Manager at CTR in Padua, where he has been working for 10 years. His work involves planning and coordinating the technical and commercial aspects of civil engineering activities, and he has become an expert in the testing of concrete and of its main components such as aggregates, binders and additives.

Tommaso has actively contributed to the creation of a winning team which has allowed CTR Laboratory to be involved in outstanding engineering work, not only at regional or national level but also at world level, including the regasifier in Porto Viro, the first offshore regasification station for liquid methane, and the Mo.S.E. project, a general action plan for the protection of Venice and its lagoon.

Tommaso has experience in managing material testing activities in big yards and is an expert technician in concrete, aggregate and cement testing.

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