Dr Ken Murphy

Ken Murphy


Materials science


BSc (Hons) Materials Science, PhD in Mechanical properties of glass ionomer cements


Over 8 years

After completing his PhD, Ken developed his knowledge of materials testing at Materials Ireland, before spending  two years working in the oil and gas industry in Calgary as a Materials Specialist, with focus on polymeric pipeline materials and joints.

Ken began his career at Exova in 2008 and has been heavily involved in the Pipeline Industry Research Club with the goal of improving the integrity and quality of polymer pipeline infrastructure.

He has developed a reliable, state of the art non-destructive testing technique for the inspection of plastic pipes and joints and has received industry recognition for his work.

Ken has considerable knowledge in relation to the rehabilitation of old mains piping and the construction of polymer pipelines, most notably in the areas of quality assurance and failure analysis.

Ken was awarded the JW Jones Pipeline Industry Guild Award in 2011 and was shortlisted for the Scottish Business Innovation of the Year Award in 2012. With a strong research ethos, he has published a number of papers and delivered presentations at a variety of conferences worldwide.

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