Jimmi Langaas

Jimmi Langaas


Customer interface


General management, Sales, Customer management and Key Account Management


25 years

With 10 years of experience, Jimmi joined the company 15 years ago to build up a newly established position as Customer Centre Manager. Since then, Jimmi has built up an experienced Customer Centre including Account Management, Logistics and Customer Administration. In addition, Jimmi has overall responsibility for all electronic, mechanical, optical and acoustics labs in Denmark.

In Metrology and Calibration, on-time delivery of instruments and certificates is essential. Under Jimmi’s management of the Production and Customer Centre, Exova METECH in Denmark has become known as the leading high quality calibration lab. At the same time, the Customer Centre is in constant contact with all our customers, ensuring that we have maintained nearly all of our 1000 registered customers.

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