Hanne Pedersen

Hanne Pedersen


Metrology and calibration, life science


Calibration, general metrology and validation of medico processes, Group management, Sales and marketing within the Life Science segment


20 years

As metrology technician, Hanne has many years of experience working at the technical level for several hospitals and Life Science companies in Denmark. This background has given Hanne a unique knowledge of the complicated technical and quality requirements involved in working within this business segment.

Hanne has developed a very wide network in the Life Science business area. This, combined with professional sales training, has made Hanne the ideal person to lead the continued development of the Metech Life Science competence centre in Copenhagen.

Hanne is now Group Manager, Life Science in Denmark with full responsibility for sales and customer management, staff management and technical and business development within the Life Science area. The technology and technical competences developed in the Life Science area is transferred to other Metech labs, for strengthening Metech’s position as a leading supplier of calibration and metrology services within the Life Science market segment.

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