Dr Claudio Sampietri

 Claudio Sampietri


Materials engineering


PhD Nuclear Engineering (Politecnico of Milan)


Claudio is currently employed as technical manager within Exova CSA. He is a senior expert in materials engineering, structural integrity and life assessment of power generation components.

Claudio has experience in residual life evaluation and life extension of power and process plants. As an expert engineer, he has lead teams working on integrity assessment and evaluation of the residual life of thermal power unit components (such as boilers, pipelines, gas and steam turbines) and of hydraulic power units components (such as turbines and penstocks) for primary electricity production as well as of process plant components (such as furnaces, headers and reactors).

Claudio also has a wide range of experience in the study and analysis of nuclear power plant components providing specialised technical support to several manufacturers and utilities.

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