Tensile testing for metals and polymers

Exova specialises in providing industry leading tensile testing services for a wide range of metallic and polymer materials.

Our state-of-the-art tensile testing laboratories provide conditions for exposing the resistance of materials to a static or slowly applied force.

Our tensile testing services include:

  • Tensile testing at room temperature, low temperature (ASTM E8), and elevated temperature (ASTM E21)
  • Shear
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Combined tension and compression
  • Through thickness
  • True strain
  • Notched tensile
  • r (ASTM E646) values
  • n (ASTM E517) values

The tensile testing process - no strain, no gain

Our tensile testing capabilities require the placement of machined specimens into our tensile testing apparatus where they are then subjected to applied loads. The resulting elongation of materials is measured by an extensometer or strain gauge, where the stress obtained at the highest level of applied force determines the tensile strength of the specimen in question.

The yield strength is the stress at which a prescribed amount of plastic deformation (commonly 0.2%) is produced, while elongation describes the extent to which the specimen is stretched before a fracture occurs.

Our tensile testing capabilites allow us to assimilate critical information relating to the strength, stiffness and ductility of materials in line with your production requirements and business needs.

Elevated temperature tensile testing

Elevated temperature tensile testing is a method used to determine the physical properties of materials when tested at levels above room temperature.These properties include:

  • Ultimate tensile strength (breaking strength)
  • Yield strength (bending strength)
  • Elongation
  • Reduction of area

Nearly all products, except fasteners, are machined prior to elevated temperature testing.


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