Structures and systems

Exova has extensive experience in the testing of components, assemblies and structures for a wide range of industries, including construction and transportation. Our services cover static testing for both mechanical and physical performance and also dynamic load testing with the option of superimposed environmental exposure. Our facilities can undertake the bespoke test rig design, construction, control system configuration and data acquisition. Our consultants can assist in the development of complete product performance and durability test programs. We are also able to assist with field data capture.

Capabilities structural

Construction component and structural assessment

Complementing our building products facility in North America, our Middle East and Asia Pacific region are able to offer a range of component and structural assessments focussed on the construction and infrastructure sector. Our services cover full scale façade, cladding and curtain wall testing, to more specialised areas such as acoustics, glazing, pile integrity and ground penetrating radar (GPR).  

Engineering Critical Assessment

We also provide Engineering Critical Assessments to internationally recognised codes and standards to ensure fitness for purpose analysis of fabricated structures. Stress and modal analysis can be provided through our finite element services. These services are fully integrated with our advanced materials testing facilities which can assist in the provision of essential materials input data. 

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Exova can provide a wide range of services in the field of non-destructive testing ranging from laboratory and site based inspection using all conventional non-destructive testing techniques through to consultancy and development of bespoke non-destructive testing systems for specialist applications.

Exova Experts

Structures and systems facilities

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