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Our polymer testing and plastics team services virtually all industry sectors. Exova’s polymer testing group consists of chemists, engineers and technologists who have over 50 years of experience. We cover polymer testing, plastics identification and failure analysis, and tape, adhesive, rubber and elastomer testing.

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Exova offers a broad range of polymer testing and characterisation services related to polymer and plastics based materials and products including:

Polymer and plastics identification

Failure to use a specified material can lead to processing issues, premature part failure, and health and safety incidents among other issues. At Exova we routinely identify unknown polymeric and plastic samples.  We can also analyse a material and confirm that it meets the required CofA.

Contaminant analysis

At Exova we routinely isolate and identify contaminants in plastics, pharmaceuticals and food products using our micro-analytical techniques. We recommend the submission of suspected reference materials for comparative analysis to verify our identification.

Polymer and plastics failure analysis

Causes of failure are determined using state-of-the-art analytical and mechanical procedures.  A combination of analysis and physical testing locates problems and provides recommendations for solutions. Failure investigations of polymeric materials have included medical devices, plastic pipes, coatings and adhesives, automotive components, consumer goods, construction materials, composite tanks and rubber gaskets. 

Chemical and thermal QA and QC testing

Our QA and QC testing includes testing to industry standard methods and specifications, such as ASTMs or USP testing, and also client specific methods and acceptance criteria. If desired, we can write specific SOPs to be built into your quality system. Method validation can also be performed for your specific materials on our instruments.

Mechanical and physical testing

It is often necessary to determine the mechanical and physical properties of polymer and plastic materials and products. We have extensive equipment and experienced personnel capable of characterising samples to many ASTM standard test methods, industry specific methods or to custom test methods.

Tape and adhesive testing

Adhesive bonding is becoming a preferred method of joining and assembling, offering reliable joints and cost effective manufacturing to industries ranging from aerospace to packaging. Sealants are usually identified with the construction industry, but also find wide application in the automotive and electronics sectors. Exova is CCMC approved for testing of construction sealants and sheathing tapes. 

Rubber and elastomer testing

Rubbers and elastomers are used in virtually every industry for applications ranging from seals to bridge bearings to children’s toys. Our team of experts can perform standardised testing, customised testing and failure analysis of rubbers and elastomers.

Contract R & D

As a leader in contract research, product development and testing, Exova has been providing technical services to manufacturers, converters, and users of polymer-based products for over five decades. Our breadth of capabilities allows us to offer comprehensive product and process development, testing, failure analysis and consulting services (including literature reviews) in a broad range of areas related to polymer technology.

Product and process development

Our team can be involved in your product development from the beginning concept development, through to prototyping, optimisation and small scale production stages. We can design your product, design and fabricate molds, and develop the equipment required to manufacture your products. If desired, any equipment we design, assemble and optimise can be transferred to your facility at the end of the project.

Polymer synthesis and pilot scale-up

We have a fully equipped laboratory for performing polymer synthesis using standard lab scale reactors up to a 30 L glass reactor.  We also have 2L and 20L high pressure steel reactors for synthesis using gaseous monomers such aspolyolefins and fluoropolymers. We also have a fully equipped analytical lab for full characterisation of the reaction products FTIR, DSC, NMR.

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