Occupational hygiene services for controlling risk

Occupational Hygienists are involved at the interface of people and their workplaces. They use science and engineering to prevent ill health caused by the work environment, specialising in the assessment and control of risks to health from workplace exposure to hazards.

Exova’s  team of Occupational Hygienists help employers and employees to understand these risks and to eliminate or minimize them.

Typical aspects covered under occupational hygiene are :

With good occupational hygiene science and practice, some occupational health risks have been eliminated, while others have been brought under control.

However, workplaces will continue to expose workers to health hazards, and the risks will always need to be properly understood, assessed and managed, which is where Exova’s team of highly trained Occupational Hygienists come in.

Whilst being a mandatory requirement to protect your workforce, there are benefits to your business from diligently following the requirements of Health and Safety legislation, such as improved production due to effective control measures and increased employee morale.

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Exova Occupational Hygiene staff are members of the British Occupational Hygiene Society.

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