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Exova is a leader in precise mechanical testing, metal testing, and chemical testing services. We provide testing and consultation aligned to all stages of metals processing and product development. Our laboratories deliver comprehensive, inter-disciplinary services in the development, processing, characterisation and testing of all materials.

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Specialised services to routine testing

Our capabilities range from highly specialised services in fatigue testing, fracture mechanics, crack propagation testing, creep and corrosion testing through to more routine mechanical testing. These standard, yet essential, tests include tensile, impact or hardness testing, and metals and chemical analysis using OES, XRF, ICP, EDS, MS and other analytical techniques.

We are also experts in failure analysis and offer professional services in forensic investigations and litigation support. It is often our evidence that has made the difference between success in the court room and a damaged reputation.

Read more about our expertise and capabilities in Aerospace mechanical testing in the Exova Aerospace brochure.

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