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Fatigue testing - laboratory capabilities

Our globally positioned experts specialise in strain and load controlled fatigue testing at low and high frequencies, crack propagation and fracture toughness of airframe and aircraft engine components and material.

Our facilities also offer a comprehensive suite of tests for the fatigue testing of non-metallic composite materials to the aerospace, automotive and power generation sectors.

We hold Nadcap Metallic, Nadcap Non-metallic, COFRAC ISO 17025 and ISO 9001-2008 accreditation. In addition we have customer-specific approvals from Airbus, Group Safran, GE Aviation, MTU and Bombardier.

Fatigue testing and fracture testing

Fatigue testing (either High Cycle Fatigue or Low Cycle Fatigue) is carried out using servo-hydraulic machines. Tests can be conducted either force controlled, strain controlled or displacement controlled. Fracture toughness is an attempt to assess the effect of a notch on the basic strength of a material under a steadily increased load. Our experts are able to undertake a wide range of tests using differing geometries (K1c, J1c, Jc, R curve, crack propagation).

Static testing

A range of static testing, including tensile, compression, shearing, peeling and bending, can be carried out by Exova on both metallic and composite materials.

Metallographic and metallurgical capabilities

Our specialists perform a wide range of metallographic inspections, including microscopic, macroscopic and SEM failure analysis.

Machining capabilities

  • Cutting of forgings or foundry parts
  • Tensile fatigue test specimens (straight or notched, cylindrical or flat), LCF etc.
  • Grinding and polishing of cylindrical test specimens
  • Grinding of flat test specimens
  • Machining of specific tools for mechanical tests at room temperature or at high temperatures (all types of fixtures, V-notch, flat, and/or jaws, grips for CT specimens, 3 and 4 point flexure bench) and various parts (turning, drilling, boring, etc.)
  • Special steels, high resistance steel (UTS<2000MPa), stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, nickel (Inconel), titanium alloys, plastic and composite materials

Toulouse - Centre of Excellence

“Exova has partnered Airbus for over 25 years and I welcome this significant investment that will support our continued advancement of materials application, engineering and production processes” – Charles Champion

Exova's flagship fatigue testing laboratory at the heart of the Aerospace Cluster in Toulouse offers unrivalled materials fatigue testing capability to the European aerospace sector. Supporting both manufacturing primes and leading supply chain customers, the site is a key part of our aerospace testing business, which has 15 Nadcap approved facilities – more than any other testing provider – in locations including the Czech Republic, UK, USA and Sweden.

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Fatigue testing facilties

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