Our failure analysis capabilities include metallurgical, chemical, composite and polymer analysis.

Our teams of expert metallurgists, chemists, and materials scientists are internationally recognised as some of the most experienced in their field.

Working with customers around the world, they provide expert failure analysis and failures reporting through a range of technical services including stress analysis and material characterisation, trace evidence analysis, pipeline failure analysis and forensic engineering.

Failure analysis not only helps us learn from the past, it helps prevent future failures. As your chosen asset life partner, Exova can help improve performance, protect reputation and build a safer future.

Failure analysis specialist laboratories

Exova operates a number of specialist failure analysis laboratories, and our teams of experts in Pittsburgh, Houston, Glendale Heights, Pointe Claire (metals), Salford, Daventry, Cambridge (Canada), Mississauga (polymers), Linköping and Karlskoga (metals) are on hand to help you better understand the causes of asset or component failure, advise on remedial action and support you in any litigation actions.

Exova’s failure analysis labs are equipped to provide a full analytical, mechanical testing and component testing service. Exova has a large number of scanning electron microscopes, fitted with analytical accessories, plus light microscopes and photographic systems.

The broad technical capabilities of Exova and the technical depth of the staff allow us to offer failure analysis services across a variety of industries. With numerous materials experts, the company offers an in depth knowledge base for all failure investigation and consultancy work carried out. Inter-disciplinary teams can also be pulled together to ensure that the appropriate expert is dedicated to solving any design or material selection problem encountered.

Portable chemical analysis and metallographic equipment is available to facilitate the in-situ examination of failed components where the component cannot be removed from service or is too large to transport off-site. Exova has many years’ experience in this type of on-site investigation, having provided failure analysis lab services in challenging environments such as offshore oil and gas installations or inside a power generation plant.

Exova offers a full range of failure analysis services including:

Corrosion consulting

Exova’s global network of world-renowned corrosion experts and consultants provide support for your corrosion-related issues, including failure analysis, consulting and legal case support. We specialise in the qualification and testing of materials, determining root cause failure, residue identification, and corrosion prevention consultancy.

Engineering and consulting

Determining the reason for failure of a component or structure is critical in any situation, and it is here that you can rely on Exova’s breadth of experience across many sectors to help identify root cause issues and offer advice on solving them. Our engineers have helped test and make safe some of the world’s most iconic structures and products, and this expertise can be applied to your project to give you the answers and support you need.

Expert witness services

Exova offers a wide-ranging expert witness service, and our experts are often called upon to deliver critical testimony or expertise in legal or insurance cases surrounding product or component failures, compliance cases, patent infringements, or detecting evidence of abuse or defects.

Fractography services

If a product or material has failed, Exova’s scientists can examine the fracture surface to determine the cause of the failure. Our global network of expertise is backed up by state-of-the-art surface analysis facilities, such as scanning electron microscopes (SEM), and a wealth of experience in mechanical testing, ensuring world-class consultancy around your problem.

Investigative chemistry

Exova has a network of chemistry labs available to help you understand the chemical composition of a material, or the chemical processes used during manufacture of a component, all of which could shed light on why a failure may have occurred.

Residue analysis

Using a variety of techniques, including SEM and EDAX analysis, Exova scientists can help identify residual deposits on your materials, and determine whether this is a surface stain or a product of corrosion or material failure.

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Failure analysis facilities

15 High Ridge Court,
Cambridge, ON N1R 7L3

Contact: Roger Graham - General Manager
Tel: +1 519 621 8191

Fax: +1 519 621 7700

Email: americas@exova.com

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104, av. Nordic,
Pointe Claire QC H9R 1E6

Contact: Claude Auger - General Manager
Tel: +1 (514) 694-5400 (Ext: 22208)

Fax: +1 (514) 695-0659

Email: claude.auger@exova.com

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Carretera Monterrey-Saltillo 3279-B, Santa Catarina,
Monterrey, NL 66367

Contact: Juan Rodriguez - General Manager
Tel: +52-81-8032-4444

Email: americas@exova.com

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194 Internationale Boulevard,
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Contact: Tami Tonon - Operations Manager
Tel: +1 630-221-0385

Fax: +1 630-221-0796

Email: americas@exova.com

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9925 Regal Row,
Houston, TX 77040

Contact: David Chirichello - Operations Manager
Tel: +1 281-848-0270

Fax: +1 281-848-0275

Email: americas@exova.com

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100 Business Center Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Contact: Debra Riley - Materials Analysis Sales Manager
Tel: +1 412-788-1263

Fax: +1 412-788-1283

Email: americas@exova.com

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No. 18 Jalan Mega 1/5, Taman Prindustrian Nusa Cemerlang,
Johor Bahru 79200

Contact: Sherly Wijaya - Senior Lab Manager
Tel: +607 509 6822

Fax: +607-509 9835

Email: admaterials.lab@exova.com

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Artilleriplan 2, Box 3,
Karlskoga SE- 691 21

Contact: Göran Åkerberg - Operations Manager
Tel: +46 (0)586-810 55

Email: sweden@exova.com

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ASJ-vägen 7, Box 1340,
Linköping SE-58113

Contact: Ulrika Conte - Operations Manager
Tel: +46 (0)13 16 90 00

Email: sweden@exova.com

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Unit 4 International View, ABZ Business Park, Dyce,
Aberdeen Aberdeenshire AB21 0BH

Contact: Campbell Ure - Operations Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1224 778900

Email: europe@exova.com

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8 - 14 High March, High March Industrial Estate,
Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 4HB

Contact: Lee Best - General Manager
Tel: +44 1327 702964

Fax: +44 1327 871119

Email: europe@exova.com

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6 Coronet Way, Centenary Park,
Salford, M50 1RE

Tel: 0161 787 3250

Email: europe@exova.com

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