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Corrosion testing at the cutting edge

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The Exova Corrosion Centre is a model of innovation and proactivity in Exova’s approach to combating global corrosion.

The Exova Corrosion Centre links a global network of specialist laboratories where our teams recreate an extensive range of environmental testing, giving you assurances on asset performance and safety. Through expert analysis of simulation and exposure data, we can help you to reduce the future risk of damage to pipelines and other key assets.

Our services cover a full spectrum of environmental testing simulations, including pipeline corrosion testing for sour and non-sour applications; hydrogen testing; pitting; full ring tests; and a full range of SCC tests.

Our technical experts bring Exova to the foremost of corrosion testing by developing innovative testing methods, such as SOHIC testing and Full Ring testing under longitudinal tensile load.

Global hub of corrosion testing

The Exova Corrosion Centre in Dudley is now established as the central hub of a network of laboratories around the world including Daventry, UK, Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, Houston, USA, Crema in Italy, and Singapore.

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ECC key capabilities

Our technical experts bring Exova to the forefront of corrosion testing by developing innovative testing methods, such as SOHIC testing and Full Ring testing under longitudinal tensile load.

Specialised Full Ring Testing

The Exova Corrosion Centre has been fitted with 10 specialised Full Ring Testing booths supported by a 5 tonne crane, which allows loading and unloading through the roof of each booth, ensuring a large capacity and flexible set-up process. Each individual booth is equipped with turntables which will allow flexibility to turn and adjust samples before and during testing.

Autoclave capacity

The facility has the capacity for Autoclave testing of over 60%. All Autoclaves were custom designed for safety and operability, with automated material handling mechanisms, dynamic automation and faster sample changeover that enhances the capacity of the facility.

Extended Routine Corrosion testing

The ECC trebled its standard corrosion capacity including HIC testing, SSC tensile and 4 point bends.

Other testing capabilities include:

  • Trebled capacity for routine corrosion testing;
  • Stress Orientated Hydrogen Induced Cracking (SOHIC) tests;
  • Standard Hydrogen Induced Cracking (HIC) and;
  • Sulphide Stress Cracking (SSC) tests and pitting and crevice corrosion
  • We lead the way in corrosion, coatings, failures analysis, environmental testing and Immersion Ultrasonic Testing (IUT).
  • We have recognised capabilities in critical but routine testing, including weld procedures, weld certification and metallurgy for pipelines and other oil and gas assets

To discuss your corrosion testing needs, register interest in visiting the new facility or speak to our corrosion experts, please contact Email:corrosion@Exova.com or Tel. + 44 (0) 330 222 0321.

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