We provide inspection and risk assessment of ageing steel assets including oil and gas pipelines, tanks, piping and water systems, wind generation, solar equipment, and other asset types. Our advanced inspection and risk assessment services can significantly extend the service life of ageing steel assets while off-setting the cost of repair and or replacement. 

Testing can be used to determine the degree and amount of corrosion, steel thickness loss, coating condition and corrosion rate, and to estimate remaining life. Our tests are performed by an expert level NACE certified corrosion, coatings, materials selection and design, cathodic protection specialist, with support from qualified technicians.

For an accurate view of asset condition

Our protocol for buried assets includes testing to identify corrosion without the need for extensive, and costly, excavation. Test results and observations provide an accurate view of asset condition, upon which recommendation for repair, replacement or no action can be made. On a larger scale, “hot corrosion spots” and trends can be identified, and corrosion mitigation programmes can be designed based on your needs.  Decision makers are provided with factual data which enables sound engineering decisions to be made.    

Supplementing our inspection and risk assessment services is a comprehensive materials testing capability, fully equipped with scanning electron microscopy equipped with elemental dispersive x-ray analysis (SEM/EDS) capabilities, onsite positive materials identification (PMI), metallographic lab, Fourier transformer infrared (FTIR) and environmental testing chambers to test coating performance.

Corrosion expertise you can trust

These materials testing capabilities enable us to identify problems stemming from materials manufacturing, damage, or provide support for projects involving litigation. Our materials testing team comprises of NACE-certified PhDs, scientists, materials / metallurgical engineers, coatings specialists, electrochemists, and chemists.

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We will consider all aspects of your problem and will respond promptly with a proposal for your work, including methods, costs and technical solutions.

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