Cathodic Protection (CP) is one of the best ways to protect underground or submerged metallic structures from the harmful effects of corrosion.

Cathodic protection - how does it work?

CP protects metallic structures by applying a negative current to the structure using a cathode. Once the structure has been made sufficiently negative, environmental corrosion (soil or moisture) is resisted. The method is typically applied to iron or steel structures such as underground pipelines, storage tanks, and ocean pilings. If left unprotected, metallic structures will revert to their natural state as an iron oxide without proper intervention.

The services we offer in this area are as follows:

  • CP design, installation, trouble-shooting and monitoring
  • Corrosion risk assessment
  • System-wide CP
  • Close interval survey
  • CP interference
  • Pipeline integrity management
  • Laboratory and on-site ivestigations
  • Interpretation of federal and state regulation
  • Coating evaluation and failure analysis.

We have conducted numerous cathodic protection projects, for example:

  • CP design and installation:

- Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant, tunnel, pipeline and pilings: a mile-long subterranean steel tunnel, all of the mooring pilings, and the pipelines and tanks farm on shore and other ancillary facilities;

- Wastewater treatment tank farms: galvanic CP systems;

- Newly commissioned coated steel production lines;

- Historic buildings: award winning CP design for the BOK tower, a historic building in Florida; and the Utah State Capital Dome;

- Process piping at a refined petroleum products depot;

- Diesel fuel emergency fuel piping and storage tanks for hospitals and municipalities.

  • Annual evaluations of impressed current and galvanic cathodic protection systems on gathering and distribution fuel gas lines, jet fuel transmission lines and service station gas/diesel fuel storage tanks
  • Inspection, troubleshooting and remediation of CP systems in a 260 MW co-generation plant
  • Feasibility study for a new coking facility with over four miles of underground water, air and fuel gal lines.

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