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Exova is your single source solution for corrosion mitigation, risk assessment, knowledge-based inspections, asset management, asset data management and lab services.

Our corrosion assessment and mitigation services include:

Expert assistance, proven solutions

We assist clients worldwide in analysing failures, mitigating corrosion and identifying asset performance expectations. We combine the latest scientific knowledge with practical, proven solutions.

Our expert and diverse team of professionals has been recognized by the International Society of Materials (ASM) and the National Association for Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and is ready to work with you. 

Training Seminar

Corrosion Risk Assessment and Mitigation Oil & Gas, and Chemical Processing Industries

13 April 2016, Houston (US)


Pittsburgh corrosion centre of excellence

Our corrosion services have an extended global reach, with our Pittsburgh facility ensuring the presence of our expertise in the North American region.

The Pittsburgh laboratory provides testing and consultancy services in metallurgy, polymers and coatings, as well as corrosion risk assessment and mitigation, primarily to the oil & gas and industrials sectors. It also extends the company’s advisory services in areas including failure analysis and risk assessment.

Combining with Exova’s existing global capabilities, the specialist team in Pittsburgh work closely with our customers to improve the performance and quality of their in-service assets.

Let us deal with your problems

While Exova has the expertise and technology to tackle even the most difficult problems, your input is vital for a complete analysis.

Contact our Pittsburgh team to discuss your needs MORE>

We will consider all aspects of your problem and will respond promptly with a proposal for your work, including methods, costs and technical solutions.

Corrosion Expert - Dr Zee
  • Dr Zee - Pittsburgh, US

    - Corrosion, coatings, materials selection, cathodic protection and design

    Qualifications - B.S., M.S., PhD, FASM, FNACE

    Experience - Over 25 years' experience

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