Coatings testing

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Based around a global network of laboratories, Exova specialises in two key areas of coatings technology.

Oil and gas coatings

We have expertise in both pipe and field joint coatings, offering standard pre-qualification testing such as cathodic disbondment (for which Exova has one of the largest capacities of any independent laboratory, with over 300 tests available), hot water, impact, indentation and adhesion testing. This is supplemented with high level polymer testing, using various exposure techniques; high temperature high pressure autoclaves, UV and xenon exposures.

Capabilities coatings

Protective and marine coatings

Exova is currently the only independent test facility to be accredited for both the IMO and PSPC test protocols, and is at the forefront of the latest Ballast Water Treatment protocol. This is combined with one of the largest NORSOK M501 testing capacities; this specification uses long term exposure to assess heavy duty coatings suitable for the harshest environments. The ageing test uses a combination of salt spray, UV and freezing as a cyclic test, alongside water immersion and cathodic disbondment. We also provide specialist protective coatings services to the aerospace and defence sectors.

Exova Experts

Coatings testing facilities

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