Exova laboratories undertake the analysis of food, drinking water, waste water, soil and hazardous waste for both organic and inorganic contaminants.

Capabilities chemistry

Oil analysis

We perform oil analysis on naturally occurring petroleum mixtures such as crude oil, condensate, bitumen, and heavy oil and processed products. The analytical data is used to characterise and evaluate oils and petroleum products recovered during exploration and production activities. We recognise that the accurate determination of the properties of petroleum fluids is critical to the oil and gas industry. Whether the fluids are from pipelines, exploration or production facilities, the accuracy of our analysis determines the economic value of your product.  

Raw materials and finished goods testing

Exova’s diverse range of capabilities allows us to meet testing needs for most raw materials, including food, and finished goods, within a single laboratory network. We also have the breadth and depth of analytical experience to handle your non-routine and experimental products and are at the forefront of method development.

Medical device testing

Exova’s medical device testing capabilities include bioabsorbable polymers, device design, prototyping and fabrication, customer polymer synthesis, mechanical testing and customised chemical and medical and surgical products. We also have leading expertise in extractables/leachables for implantable materials and development of combination products. We deploy a range of metals chemical analysis including OES, XRF, ICP, EDS, MS, and other sophisticated analytical techniques to ensure we meet the widest range of testing needs.

Exova Experts

Chemistry facilities

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