Calibration and metrology

Calibration capabilities

Exova Metech provides traceable and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration of measuring instruments in Electrical, Dimensional and Physical parameters such as Torque, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Optical, Flow, Acoustics and more. We are vendor independent and so we are able to support all manufacturers and instrument types.

Capabilities calibration and metrology

Our calibration services are designed to help our customers fulfil the requirements on the maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments. Our services provide metrological confirmation that the measuring instrument fulfils the requirements of standards including ISO 9000 and ISO 10012.

The calibration usually covers the complete specified range, but can be customised to your needs. Measurement points are selected in accordance with the manufacturer's performance test or an equivalent.

The measurement procedures and the test equipment are selected to ensure traceability to national and international standards, and the uncertainty of measurement is accounted for when performing a compliance or non-compliance test.

Process optimisation

Our capabilities also extend to helping you to optimise your routines and equipment needs, including instrument sourcing and administration, review and advice on administrative routines, service and repair, technical support and training.

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Calibration and metrology facilities

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