As a global business operating in 33 countries, Exova is committed to conducting its business in a socially responsible manner, respecting the needs of its customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders. Our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those stakeholders, is one of our most valuable assets and we strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in all our business activities.

Our vision

Exova’s vision is to be 'recognised globally as the supplier of choice in our chosen fields of testing, calibration and advisory services'. 

Every member of our global team has a role to play in achieving this vision by demonstrating our values of innovation, teamwork, performance and integrity on a daily basis.  These qualities unite all of our people across the world and help us to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our values

Innovation is key to staying ahead of our competition by delivering great service to our clients.  We invest in the technical development of our people and the equipment in our laboratories to ensure that we are able to offer the most up-to-date and efficient testing methods to our clients.

Teamwork allows us to achieve our goals and attract great people. We aim to share best practice across our Group, with teamwork providing the foundation for global delivery. Our people’s combined knowledge and experience power our vision and their passion constantly raises the bar on what we can achieve.

Performance is a core part of our culture as a business. We keep our promises to each other and to our clients.  We operate a structured performance management framework across our Group which is underpinned by our Laboratory Performance Dashboards (LPDs). The LPDs allow us to monitor the performance of all of our laboratories and enable us to identify our strengths and share learnings across our Group.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, and is embodied in our commitment to running a transparent, safe and high quality operation.

Our people

Exova aims to recruit, develop and retain the best talent, act as an equal opportunities employer, ensure that our people work in a safe environment, and are free from discrimination and harassment. We operate a global Technical Career Development Programme to ensure our people have the training and development they need to progress their technical expertise, for the benefit of the business and the longer term growth of their individual careers.

Hear from some of our people.

Ethical business practices

Our commitment to act ethically underlies every aspect of our business, from the way we treat our employees, to our relationships with customers, and to the manner in which we engage with third parties and act in the communities in which we are present. We operate a Group-wide Ethics Policy and focus on our leadership competency framework called ‘Leading the Exova Way’. This outlines the behaviours we expect from all of our leaders and is discussed regularly in individual performance reviews.

Human rights and Modern Slavery Act

Whilst Exova does not have a formalised human rights policy, we are committed to ensuring that our people are treated in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Global Compact’s ten principles. We seek to prohibit forced, compulsory and underage labour and any form of discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, disability, the right to collective bargaining or political affiliation. In November 2016, Exova adopted a Modern Slavery Policy. This is available here. Our Modern Slavery Policy states that Exova has a zero tolerance approach to Modern Slavery and that the following principles apply to our business and supply chain:

  • child labour must not be used;
  • any form of forced or compulsory labour must not be used;
  • passports, visas and other personal documentation should not be taken from employees unless requested to be held by the employee for safekeeping purposes;
  • all forms of debt bondage are prohibited;
  • compensation and benefits must comply with local laws relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and other benefits; and
  • the formation of trade unions and powers of collective bargaining should be respected. 

As required by the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Exova will publish on an annual basis a Modern Slavery transparency statement which will set out our approach to preventing Modern Slavery within Exova's business and supply chain. Exova published its first Modern Slavery transparency statement on 27 February 2017.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Exova is committed to conducting business to the highest possible ethical and business standards. We have therefore adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct setting out the behaviour and principles that we expect our suppliers to follow. Suppliers of goods and services, contractors, joint venture partners, consultants, advisers and all other third parties engaged by Exova are expected to adhere to the principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct and are encouraged to develop their own codes, policies and procedures to adhere to the principles of this Supplier Code of Conduct. The Supplier Code of Conduct can be found here.

Sustainable business

Exova is committed to developing its business in a sustainable manner. Energy reduction and water conservation programmes have been included in a number of our capital investment projects and will subsequently be promoted as best practice.  All business areas continuously look for ways to save energy and natural resources, from simple awareness programmes for colleagues, to the installation of low energy lighting and waterless sanitation systems, the combined effect can make a positive difference to the environment.

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