The background

Exova Warringtonfire (EWF) and LUL have a relationship dating back over twenty years.

The challenge

EWF and London Underground Limited (LUL) had worked together on fire testing for a number of years, so when the time came for LUL to further develop fire safety standards across its network, it selected its trusted partner EWF. LUL was seeking to create a products register that covers all materials and products which may be used on a London Underground train, station or platform. These categories include everything from train seats to fire doors and flooring materials to paints.

The solution

EWF provides advisory services to its customers on specific LUL fire safety performance requirements, as well as testing and validating products against the appropriate LUL standard. EWF is then able to upload the appropriate documentation and propose the product for acceptance on the register. LUL can then choose products from the dedicated online register for specific projects.

The result

  • Together LUL and EWF are improving life safety by advancing fire safety standards on the UK’s transport system.
  • For EWF customers, we help them meet the requirements of the new standards as well as providing the necessary testing to ensure their products are brought to market more quickly, and subsequently deployed across the LUL network.
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