The customer

Located in Kapfenberg, Austria, Böhler is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality parts for aerospace applications, power generation and other high tech industries and supplies more than 200 technologically advanced customers worldwide.

It specialises in the near net forging of titanium alloys, high alloyed steels and nickel-base alloys. It deploys advanced design approaches in early development stages, near net shape forging solutions, material expertise in combination with complex part geometries and leading knowledge of computer modelling of the complete forging processes.

The challenge

Böhler were seeking a partner to help them to provide testing services for high grade forged aerospace alloy components for use in aircraft engines and structural airframes.

The solution

With a relationship already extending over a decade, Böhler chose Exova as its continued partner and entered into a five-year long term agreement. The testing is conducted at Exova’s aerospace laboratory in Plzeň, Czech Republic and will include fatigue and fracture mechanics and a range of specialist metallurgical and mechanical testing.  

Florian Humer, strategic procurement external services manager for Böhler commented: “The aerospace sector demands the highest quality and technical standards and Exova has proven itself capable of meeting our rigorous testing demands. Extending our relationship supports our work to advance the development and application of specialist aerospace alloys.”


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