Element and Exova have joined forces to become the best testing partner in the world

Element Materials Technology and Exova Group Limited, two of the world’s leading laboratory based testing companies, are coming together to create the best and most trusted testing partner in the world.

Our purpose will continue to be a simple one. To make certain that all of the materials and products we test, inspect and certify for our clients are always safe in their end application; are of consistent, marketable quality; are compliant with all relevant industry standards & regulations and are ultimately fit for purpose.

Together we will continue to help our clients to develop better products to take to market; to enable them to get their products to market faster than ever before and to help them to become more efficient, save time and money throughout their development and production processes.

Although a relatively new name in the Global Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC) sector, Element has a long history and industrial heritage that we are justifiably proud of.

Originally formed from the in-house materials testing and product testing laboratories of the Netherlands based Stork Engineering Group, Element Materials Technology can trace its testing pedigree back to 1827 – almost 200 years.

Element itself was finally formed in 2011, following a management buyout from Stork Materials Technology.

From 2011 – 2017, Element more than tripled its revenues; increased the number of Engaged Experts it employed to over 2,000 and the number of laboratories within the group to 61, through a combination of successful organic and inorganic growth strategies.

Now, with the acquisition of Exova Group Limited, we have taken things to a totally new level.

The combined organization consists of more than 6,200 employees, operating out of 200 laboratories, located in more than 30 countries across five continents. It will specialize in providing a comprehensive range of materials testing, product qualification testing, consulting and certification services to the international Aerospace; Fire & Building Products; Infrastructure & Environmental; Oil & Gas; and Transportation & Industrials sectors.

The acquisition of Exova establishes the Element Group as a truly significant, global provider of testing services and puts it well on the way to realizing its ongoing ambition of becoming the best and most trusted testing partner in the world.

The Element | Exova Alliance
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did Element acquire Exova?

A. Element has grown rapidly since its formation in 2011, through the successful implementation of both organic and inorganic growth strategies in support of its ambition of becoming the best and most trusted testing partner in the world.

Since 2011 we have acquired and successfully integrated 17 organizations into the Element group of companies adding 38 laboratories and 1,400 experts to the Group.

Exova is the latest and largest acquisition by Element, that when fully integrated into Element will create one of the largest, independent laboratory based testing groups in the world, harnessing unrivalled testing capabilities, capacities, technical experience and knowledge. The service ranges we have are in many cases complementary and therefore extend the overall offerings we can make to our clients. Likewise our existing footprints are also complementary and our geographic reach is therefore also extended by the acquisition.

It is this unique combination that will enable Element to better service and support all of our clients as they continue to develop better products to take to market; to help get their products to market faster than ever before and to help them to become more efficient, save time and money throughout their development and production processes.

Q. What impact does the acquisition have in the way that I work with either Element or Exova?

A. In the short term, it has no impact at all. You will still continue to work with the great people you always have done and so in essence, it is business as usual. Longer term, the expanded testing expertise, capabilities and capacities of the combined organizations will become fully available to you and we will be in contact with you to agree the best way we can work together in the future.

Q. Do I still have access to the same Element or Exova technical resources and teams?

A. Yes of course. It’s business as usual. Please continue to connect with our teams via the email addresses and phone numbers you always have done.

Q. If I have a new testing requirement, who do I contact? Element or Exova?

A. For existing clients of both organizations, please use the email addresses and phone numbers you have always used. For those customers who have never worked with either Element or Exova, then please contact either of us via the phone numbers or forms on either www.element.com or www.exova.com and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Want to keep up to date?
View a small sample of Exova's work:
  • Advancing materials for Airbus

    We conducted a range of destructive and non-destructive testing on composite materials to help Airbus and its supply chain bring the A350 to the skies.

  • Assuring asset performance for Maersk

    We undertook a programme of advanced corrosion testing to help Maersk Oil safely extract gas from its North Sea Culzean Field Development Project.

  • Delivering public water quality

    We perform testing and advisory services to assure the quality of drinking water produced at the Taweelah B Power and Desalination Plant in Abu Dhabi. We help our customer meet regulatory requirements and ensure the public have access to safe drinking water at all times.

  • Helping Saab push the flight envelope

    We provide extensive materials testing programmes on the 4th Generation Gripen fighter and other current and future military capabilities as part of a long term agreement with SAAB.

  • Making Terminal 5 fire safe

    Our teams have ensured public safety by delivering fire engineering and consultancy solutions to mass transit facilities around the world, including the UK’s Heathrow Terminal 5, the Doha Metro in Qatar, and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.