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Thank you for choosing Exova as your partner. Here you can link directly to our specialist online-sites, which offer services including access to your test results, downloadable certificates and technical insight.

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Exova Valid-it

Valid-it is a global due diligence programme for the assessment of supplier systems, testing regimes and supply chains for at risk ingredients, such as soya, maize, rice and spices

Exova Client Portal (UK)

This service enables Exova's UK customers to view the status of their tests at any time from booking in through to certification, and receive certificate alerts, certificate PDFs and invoice PDFs directly to their inbox.

Results OnLinE (Americas)

Results OnLinE (ROLE) offers Exova customers a dynamic solution to meet today's demands for a quick turnaround of results. ROLE applies to Exova services in The Americas.

Utilities - Exova Audit

Data assembled onsite can be sent remotely to the Exova Audit website and stored for future customer access. 

Utilities - Water Mains Pressure Testing

This service gives Exova customers a dedicated and secure testing and QA portal for water mains pressure testing. 

Polymers / Utilities - Life-time Performance

Exova's dedicated website for the global plastic piping industry. EXOVA Nyköping focuses on the lifetime performance and expectancy of polymer materials.

Food - Exova Advantage

With a global network of specialist laboratories, Exova Advantage offers IT systems to Food industry customers requiring 24 hour real time access to results. This service is only available to users of Internet Explorer.

Fire - Warrington Certification

Warrington Certification can provide online access to certification in support of fire safety and security.

Calibration - The METECH Instrument Organiser

METECH MIO, is an instrument organiser that helps customers keep track of their instrument fleet, with the added benefits of easy access to calibration status, history, and certificates.

All sectors - America's "New Role"

This portal allows our Americas customers to engage directly with their Exova service representative or project manager.


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